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Saturn enters Scorpio ~ Waiting for the Apocalypse

Between Mayan Calendars, End of World scenario films, your conspiracy theory of the week, and these guys: Doomsday Preppers, we have no end of grist for the Saturn in Scorpio crowd.   It would not be a surprise to find their numbers growing exponentially, when Saturn leaves Libra in early October for Scorpio, the sign of extremism... or as Saturn in Scorpio people like to call it, “Being Prepared”.  Put a bunch of Saturn in Scorpio people together and before you know it, they’ll start competing with each other as to who can live off the grid better than the next guy.  It’ s about survival.

For those of us born during the Saturn in Scorpio periods, we entered the world reluctantly, and quite convinced that this was a treacherous place, once we got here.  Much of that was easily reconfirmed by our experiences.  In my (mid- 1950’s*) Saturn in Scorpio generation, if our parents weren’t divorced, we kind of wished they had been.  It didn’t take long for us to figure out, that squatting under a flimsy desk at school, probably wouldn’t do much good in the event of an actual nuclear disaster; that even Presidents aren’t safe in a world filled with violence; that wars are where you go to die; that sexuality and drugs, imposed on us at an early age, would only distract us from some of the pain.  If they didn’t actually kill us. 

But I kid the Saturn in Scorpio crowd.  Saturn in Scorpio is not just about conspiracies, drugs, sex, fear of death, and survivalist meet-ups. Saturn in Scorpio is also about evolution, growth and transformation. 

The famous Scopes Trial took place in 1925, which declared that John T. Scopes had violated the law by teaching evolution in schools, creating tension between ‘modernists’ who argued for the validity of evolution, vs. religious fundamentalists who said the word of God as revealed in the Bible took priority.  Hence the famous “Monkey trial” on the creation/evolution controversy took place in Tennessee.

Saturn in Scorpio is also about this:

Saturn in Scorpio is about identifying with the powerless, the underclasses, the persecuted or the disenfranchised.  These are the people who have been shunned by society, either because of sex, class, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.  And by doing so, it is very easy to fall into the primal mode of blaming someone else, the powers that be: the oppressors, the government, the 1%, the corporatists, the leftists, the other political party, your boss.  But by doing so, we make the mistake of handing our power over to the very people we perceive to be the problem.  Saturn in Scorpio works best, is most powerful, by supporting and working towards a cause, as opposed to fighting against the evil Dark Lord oppressors.  It’s also, interestingly enough, about understanding how we participate in our own oppression.

Claudette Colvin was actually the first person, at the age of 15, to resist bus segregation in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955.  Her case preceded Rosa Parks’ incident by 9 months. She participated in the court case decided in 1956, that ultimately ended bus segregation in Alabama.  The reason her case was not as publicized as Rosa Parks’ was, was because she was a teenager, and became pregnant out of wedlock.  Civil rights leaders worried about having her represent their movement, given the social norms of the time. 

In our quest to make ourselves and the world a safer place, a more secure place, questions about insurance, about saving (not stockpiling) for a rainy future, about using our taxes judiciously, about providing for the weakest and poorest through social programs such as social security, medicare and medicaid, New Deal type programs that will put people back to work and back on the payroll... we’re talking about a Contract with society, that takes care of all of the society, not just the well-heeled and powerful.  It’s about our responsibility to each other.  It’s about stabilizing those programs that are working, but discarding those programs, those contracts, and reorganizing our plans for the future that are not working out, and are not sustainable, and replacing them with others that are more stable and sustainable. 

And most of all it’s about the cycle of reciprocity.  Life is a karmic cycle of giving and receiving.  And it needs to be sustained by our participation in the cycle.  If we frown on the receivers as takers and moochers, then we don’t understand how this cycle works.  If we only give conditionally, out of the expectation of getting something back for ourselves, then we don’t understand how this cycle works.  If we act as if there are only a limited amount of resources, and we have to stockpile as much as possible for only ourselves, or our own little group, then we don’t understand how this cycle works.  An isolated pond that does not receive fresh water will eventually stagnate and die.

Moving BBC News reports in 1984 about a famine plaguing Ethiopia reported that thousands were dying of starvation and millions more were at risk.  As a result the European Economic community made millions available to help combat the famine.  Meanwhile that Christmas, Bandaid recorded its charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” to successfully raise money for the famine as well. 

Saturn in Scorpio cycles are about pooling our resources in order to be able to benefit everyone in the group, family, society, tribe.  It’s about realizing that in order to give to our fellow man, there also have to be receivers, who are then able to reciprocate through the same cycle of giving and receiving.  And if we give only out of the expectation of power and/or reward, then we are karmically bound down by the attachment to the fruits of our actions. 

For this is what Saturn in Scorpio is truly about.  It’s understanding the intricate and hidden workings of the Divine Law of Karma, and our ultimate disengagement from selfishness, and the necessity of making the same mistakes over and over again.  It’s about honoring our contracts with each other.  It’s not about the Apocalypse after all.  It’s not about destruction and dying.  It’s actually about being reborn.  Arising from the ashes of our former lives better able to rebuild, rebirth and rehabilitate.  It’s about discovering the hidden meaning of the Phoenix Fire Mystery.

Thus the seer,
With vision clear,
Sees forms appear and disappear,
In the perpetual round of strange,
Mysterious change
From birth to death, from death to birth;
From earth to heaven, from heaven to earth;
Till glimpses more sublime,
Of things, unseen before,
Unto his wondering eyes reveal
The Universe, as an immeasurable wheel
Turning forevermore
In the rapid and rushing river of Time.

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Rain in Summer)
Longfellow had Saturn in Scorpio

* Recent Saturn in Scorpio generations are: 1924-26; 1953-56; 1982-85

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